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QikGen integrated with XERO is revolutionising the wholesaling industry... Forget phone message orders, staff error or absence, data entering invoices,
calculating purchase
Requirements and disputing with customers if they did or didn’t place an


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Do you spend hours taking orders off message bank?
Do you spend hour’s data entering invoices?
Do customers regularly complain “that they placed their order last night?
Qikgen can eliminate all these problems from your day to day business – so
you can spend more time running your business!


It’s no secret that they whole world is moving towards online ordering, the benefits outweigh the old message bank ordering by far. Qikgen is an easy online ordering system for wholesalers.

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Imagine the time , effort and money your business can save if you never had to again or could reduce greatly the amount of orders that you have to manually input to your invoicing system.

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Obviously the whole business of wholesalers is based around their stock. Whether it be the stock on hand, the stock required to fulfil orders and stock that’s unavailable.

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You can simply adjust the percentage increases in the “my account” area of your qikgen account at any point in time. Updating your product pricing is quick and simple using qikgen.

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