Obviously the whole business of wholesalers is based around their stock. Whether it be the stock on hand, the stock required to fulfil orders and stock that’s un / available.

Within Qikgens inventory function you can keep control of your purchasing, stock control and pricing all from your smart phone, tablet or desktop (the complete mobile office).

Key Features

Purchase Summary

  • As your orders come through qikgen, the inventory settings continually update the stock required to fulfil those orders, subtracting from the stock on hand giving you a purchase summary. At the start of the day, when you log in and print your packing slips you simply can print the inventory list in its entirety or export it straight to excel where you can quickly “cut and paste” the list to suit your needs.

Basically your daily purchase requirements are at a touch of a button any time of day.


  • Easily updating your stock really keeps you on top of your daily orders. Quickly update your stock every day so that when your orders come through you know exactly what you require leading to less wastage , confident buying , and streamlining the time it takes to produce a purchase summary.
  • Set par levels in qikgen so that you always have preset levels of stock that you know you want on hand. Or alternatively setting the par levels to zero means the the purchase summary will be an accurate picture of stock in / stock out.

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